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RE: SEAINT Salary Survey!

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I have increased the number of employees drop down to 300, and added "Choose the nearest match" to the question. I hope that makes it little more clear.



At 06/16/00 06:56 AM, you wrote:


The last question in your survey asks for the total number of employees, but the drop down list stops at 100.  What about those of us who work for significantly larger firms?


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Dear SEAINT Members:

Finally a world wide salary survey! I hope to see this become a large
database with salary information from all over the world. However, without
your help, the survey won't be useful.

So, please help us build our salary survey database. The survey is simple
and takes less than one minute to complete.

Please visit and click on the Salary Survey link on
our home page.

Thank you for your support.

Shafat Qazi, P.E.

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