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Re: Recent Ruling by California Board of Registration for Prof.Engineers

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The idea of signing a preliminary set of plans is nuts.  When I put my signature on
something it is when the drawings are ready to be used to construct the building or
structure not a moment before.  Is it typ. practice in CA to sign preliminary
plans?  Definitely not here in GA.


"Ron O. Hamburger" wrote:

> In a recent administrative action, the California Board of Registration for
> Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors found a Civil Engineer to have
> practiced negligently for failing to sign a series of preliminary construction
> documents.  The documents consisted of preliminary drawings for a retaining wall
> structure.  The drawings had been given to a client to illustrate the type and
> scope of work of a proposed site improvement and had the words "Preliminary" and
> "Not for Construction" clearly indicated on them.  The Board found the engineer
> guilty of a violation of the business and professions code in that he had not
> signed the documents.
> SEAOC acted on behalf of the engineer and filed an affadavit citing that
> preliminary documents were frequently produced by design professionals as a
> means of facilitating discussions with clients and other design professionals on
> project requirements and that it was typical not to sign such documents,
> specifically as one means to avoid representing that the information shown was
> complete or suitable for construction or other reliance.  The Board found
> SEAOC's argument non-persuasive.
> Please be advised that under this ruling, any engineering document, draft,
> preliminary or otherwise, must be signed by a professional engineer.
> SEAOC will continue to appeal this finding with the Board.