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New Essential for CA Engineers

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Announcing the availability of a new, personalized convenient device for all
California engineers:

The "2000 PE/SE Stamp Necklace":

Now you can tote your own stamp whereever you go, whatever you do!!
This essential item hangs close within reach around your neck.
Complete with adjustable expiration date stamp, refillable inkpad and pen.
Available in three distinctive colors so you can match it with the color of
your plastic pocket protector or clip-on tie.

Now you have no excuse for being caught without your stamp!!

Brought to you by BOPELS for a mere $39.95.
Tax and postage not included.
Contact Board members for more details...

Note: This email was not necessarily written by an engineer registered in
California, and does not constitute an act under the responsibility of such
an engineer. Signature, expiration date, and stamp not included herein.