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Re: Recent Ruling by California Board of Registration for Prof.Engineers

[Subject Prev][Subject Next][Thread Prev][Thread Next] Texas has this rule:

(i) Engineers shall affix an unobscured seal, original signature, and date of signature to the originals of all documents containing the final version of any engineering work as outlined in subsection (j) of this section before such work is released from their control. Preliminary documents released from their control shall identify the purpose of the document, the engineer(s) of record and the engineer license number(s), and the release date by placing the following text or similar wording instead of a seal: "This document is released for the purpose of (Examples: interim review, mark-up, drafting) under the authority of (Example: Leslie H. Doe, P.E. 0112) on (date). It is not to be
used for (Examples: construction, bidding, permit) purposes."

This rule can be found at