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Ceiling Fire Protection

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There is an assembly known as FR-SYSTEM 2 that has a 2-hr rating for a
ceiling supported by wood trusses at 24 inch spacing, and a logical
extension would be to permit application to wood joists.  This assembly
requires at least a 1.5 inch deep shield member below the truss, with the
minimum depth of the truss and shield member being 16 inches deep, 2 layers
of 5/8 inch Type X gypsum directly attached to the trusses, and proprietary
steel channel sets blocking the gypsum joints not directly under the
trusses.  See Report No. NER-392 for more details (available from ICBO or
BOCA web sites or e-mail me privately at slewis(--nospam--at)

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Subject: Ceiling Fire Protection

Is anyone aware of an assembly that would deliver a two hour fire rating
a ceiling supported by 2x or 3x joists at 24 inch centers? I thought a
couple of layers of 5/8 inch Type X gypsum board would do it, but
not according to the UBC.

Jim Lutz


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