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Re: a why to members

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Steve, I am really surprised that you would take up space on this list
server that is supported by SEAOSC to put down the Association ( I just went
over the budget yesterday).  If you would participate by attending meetings,
seminars and committee activities you would see how valuable it is.  I
review this list to get about 2% of my professional information, the other
98% coming from personal involvement.  If all you do is look at your screen
you only have a partial clue of what is going on. The various SEA's are the
place to find out what is happening in our profession; and how problems are
being solved.  The SEA committees are the places where the new codes and
policies are being formulated and not just kibitzed at and if you want to
have an effect on that you have to put in the time and participate.   Why
don't you get real (as opposed to virtual) for a while and join in rather
than cop out?
Richard Hess
Richard L. Hess S.E
Hess Engineering Inc., (714) 828-1365

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Sent: Thursday, June 15, 2000 4:32 PM
Subject: a why to members

> Why do we join our professional association(s)?
> Why do we continue to be members and encourage others to join? Are we
> better off being the members of such associations than otherwise?  Are we
> (both the engineering community and the public)benefiting from these
> and getting at least our dues worth?
> I completely recognize and appreciate the fact that our much useful and
> wonderful list is a direct result of the SEAOC existence.  On the other
> hand, the quite successful SE Practice forum was - at least in my
> understanding - started by Bill Polhemus, solo.
> These thoughts came to me in view of the recent heated debates spearheaded
> by much-discussed Dennis Wish's decision.
> So, are YOU a member? And WHY?
> Vyacheslav "Steve" Gordin, PhD, SE
> Irvine CA
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