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Re: Where are we headed?

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>Will more engineers ultimately
>wined up working for contractors or manufacturers (fabricators) not
More engineers do it this way than not. Corporate practice is the rule 
for us ME's and I did it that way for my first 25 years in the biz. And 
all the crap CE's get from their architect clients, gets handed to most 
ME's by marketeers and PhB's. In spades. Engineering would be a better 
profession if more engineers were in the engineering business instead of 
employed by people in the widget business. But that'd mean that the 
notion of job security and career path would need to go the way of the 
buggy whip, and not too many of us are ready for that. I had to get 
shoved out the corporate hatchway from a job that I knew was a fast track 
to nowhere before I managed to see the advantages.

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