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Re: Recent Ruling by California Board of Registration forProf.Engineers

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Davis Parsons wrote:
> Here in Texas, engineers can apply an electronic seal accompanied with
> appropriate written verbage. A signature is not required. As others here in
> Texas can attest, you sometime have to educate the architect, client, building
> official, etc. about this rule.

And even the STATE ITSELF, Davis.

In doing TxDOT work over the last several years, I frequently had to "educate" TxDOT personnel as to the acceptability of this
practice under Board rules. I finally resorted to having them call the Board's compliance officer to get his okay on it.

Inevitably, it degenerated into a philosophical debate over whether you "should" or "shouldn't" do this as it was "dangerous" in the
minds of some to have an "electronic seal" readily available.

My point was that THAT was moot: It is permissible under board rules, and if I submit it that way, it's legal to do so.

Had one young woman in one of our satellite offices at the time, who was a former DOT employee, have a hissy-fit over it. She
claimed "if our client wants it with your signature then that's how we have to submit it!"

It is taking this types a bit of time to figure out what "Engineer of Record" means.