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Re: AutCAD DWG to PDF?

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Yes. Here's the cheap way to do this:

1. Go to Follow the instructions there to get both GhostScript and GhostView.
(There are versions for every major platform including Windows, DOS, Mac, Linux, etc.)

2. Install these per the instructions.

3. "Print" your Autocad drawing to a file. Make sure you use a print driver that creates a Postscript file--typically the "later" HP
Laserjet Printers such as the HP5Si will do this.

4. Go into Ghostview, and open the result ".prn" file (which is, as I said above, a Postscript file).

5. choose "FILE|PRINT" and a dialogue box will open. Under "DEVICE" choose "pdfwrite" and under Resolution choose one of the
selections: 72, 300 or 600. (I would suggest no higher than 300, which in itself results in a pretty large file. 72 will work in
many instances).

6. Click "OK" and another dialogue pops up asking for an OUTPUT FILENAME. Name the file, click on SAVE and the data will be written
to a PDF formatted file.

Earlier versions of this weren't very good, but this latest version does as good a job as the commercially-available ADOBE ACROBAT
product which costs about $200. The difference is Ghostview/Ghostscript is FREE.

Hope this helps.

"Armijo, John J (PWCSD 184)" wrote:
> Is it possible to save DWG files as PDF files? If so, can this be done
> within AutoCAD 2000 or is a different translator required.