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Re: AutCAD DWG to PDF?

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>You need to use Adobe Acrobat. 
Too true. Acrobat lets you include color and is transparently 
cross-platform. It's also compressed, so technophobe clients don't have 
to get someone to figure out what un-Zip means. You can protect the 
document against unauthorized editing or even printing and you can 
encipher it and sign it digitally. Acrobat has all the advantages of 
faxing plus a few more and none of the disadvantages. Another cool thing 
is that you can make any URL into a live link. 

For the Mac(I assume it works the same way in Windoze) you make anything 
into a pdf file from the 'Print' menu pic. Print the doc to a file, 
choosing the Acrobat PDF option. It works with any program including my 
FEA software. 

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