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Re: How to check your Internet security

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Where can I download Zone Alert? I visited the GRC  site but there was no
mention of Zone Alert. Can anybody help on this?
Thank you.

Roy Sharif M. Sison

"Dennis S. Wish" wrote:

> Bill,
> At your suggestion, I downloaded and installed Zone Alert. I was using
> BlackIce Defender. BlackIce drove me nuts every time it would start to flash
> and alert me of intrusions. Since setting up ZoneAlert - it does everything
> automatically and explains in language I can understand. Not only that, but
> I can, at any time, close off all or partial access to the network.
> I am no longer using BlackIce as Zone Alert meets my needs in a much more
> user-friendly manner. IF IT IS DOING IT'S JOB (there are fewer alerts than
> with BlackIce) this is a much better program in my opinion.
> Dennis
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> Just a slight correction:
> ZoneAlarm is NOT shareware, but FREEware. IOW, you don't owe anyone any
> money if you use it.
> Also, it not only ALERTS you, but actually PREVENTS unauthorized access.
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> Then you can download a shareware program called 'Zone Alarm' which will
> alert you to attempted unauthorized access.