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Re: Evaluation of salvaged Steel Joists

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You must have some bastardized joist to have a top chord of two angles
2x2x3/8".  I find an old Ceco catalog from the mid 60s showing a number 8
top chord section being comprised of 2Ls-2x2x3/16.  On the 18H8 joist the
bottom chord is 2 rounds 15/16" dia. and the interior web members are one
round  5/8" dia. with the end diagonal being one round 3/4" dia.  The panel
points are 20 inches apart.  The 3/8" thickness of the top chord section is
kind of out of line with the joists of this era.

I would be mighty carefull as they could just as easily be of the old "S"
series and the load capacity would certainly be reduced.

Jimmy  C.......(hisself)