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Re: Letter to Editor RE: Weingardt Commentary

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Tomás Matta wrote :

>>>So basically you´re afraid that a foreign worker can do a better job
you and demand less money for it?  If I was an employer I would just hire
the best man for the job, and I wouldn´t be xenophobic about it.<<<

The problem isn't with somebody who can do the job better.  The problem is
that the process tends to hold salaries down for the non-citizen workers as
well as for those who are citizens.  Individuals who come in under this law
are often in a position where it is difficult for them to negotiate for
better salaries because if they lose their job it may be difficult to get a
green card.

We have to balance the interests of both those who already live here
(including those foreign born) as well as the interests of business.  The
foreign worker is welcome but not at a depressed salary.

The point being that this law can be legitimately challenged on issues of
fairness.  While xenophobes may also object to this law it doesn't mean
that you agree with them because you object to the law for other reasons. 
I would never have an original thought if I had to adjust my beliefs based
on what other groups or individuals believed in.

Mark Gilligan