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Re: Where are we headed?

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Where do you WANT to go?  Challenge: list one place you want to be and a
way to get there (our own little 5 step program...)

Such as:

Goal: Cleaner Code

1.  All changes must be supported by research (Similar to ACI)
2.  All proposed changes shall be posted on internet with reasoning and
sponsors name.
3.  At least (5) actual buildings with sample calculations of each
material should be submitted showing use and intent of proposed change. 
Compare with existing buildings to show how change effects real world
4.  Any change unable to drum up enough support to do the above, won't
be proposed for voting.
5. Publish sample calculations *before* code is adopted.

Jake Watson, E.I.T.
Salt Lake City, UT

Any other takers?

Jim Kestner wrote:
> I am sure that we all agree that our profession has changed
> substantially in the last 30 years.
> More liability
> More complex codes
> More complex structures
> More complicated and refined design and analysis techniques
> Computer analysis
> Shorter design period
> Shorter construction time
> Fast track
> Design build
> More components engineered by others (not the EOR)
> Less skilled construction workers
> New materials
> Greater competition
> Downward pressure on fees
> My question is where is all this leading? Will more engineers ultimately
> wined up working for contractors or manufacturers (fabricators) not
> Architects? Will the architect just create a concept and then it will be
> up to the engineer and contractor to design and build it? With the aid
> of the computer, will the design and detailing phases turn into one
> seamless phase? Will non-engineers be doing engineering work (for
> example wood trusses where a technician figures loads and inputs data
> into a enginner oversees the work and stamps it, but how
> effective is this? Is the engineer overworked, looking at hundreds or
> thousands of designs?)
> I realize that all of this depends on the types of structures that we
> are talking about.........
> I would welcome any and all opinions.
> Jim Kestner, P.E.
> Green Bay, Wi.