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RE: Recommended Reading, Part 2 of 2

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>From my own experience, I think the extra time getting the MSE was what I
needed to truly digest all the things the professors tried to shovel into my
head for my Bachelor's degree. This was an important benefit on top of the
"advanced" topics (I date myself) that we covered like prestressed concrete,
plates and shells, etc. A lot of the stuff that seemed like frosting turned
into cake as I started to learn my trade.  Avoiding the draft for an extra
year and a half was pretty good, too, but this is no longer a fringe benefit
of much interest to the current crop of engineering students.

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Your response to Jake's first point/question interests me.

A question back about your response...

What in a MSE (graduate degree) gives the ability to a person to exhibit
the desired qualities that you list that prevents a person with only a BSE
from exhibiting those same qualities?

All the qualities that you listed are things that are learned on the

Just my thoughts...

Scott Maxwell

On Mon, 19 Jun 2000, Rogers, Robert wrote:

> Jake,  
> Some food for thought......
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> >1. If you want M.S. and the first professional degree, what do you
> >expect a graduate to be able to do?
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> Have the willingness to learn "more", continuously seek to know "more",
> combine their "book" knowledge with some "practical knowledge" as provided
> by the senior engineers.