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RE: polypropylene fibers

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Check the ACI 544.1R and 544.2R  for design and properties of material.
Please check the following sites for more details on these types of fibers.
The technical managers or sale person may help.   To reduce the plastic
shrinkage,  it is recommended to use polypropylene fibers - I never heard of
using both types of fibers at the same time to reduce plastic shrinkage.

The following are manufactures or distributors of polypropylene fibers, in
addition to Synthetic Industries (fibermesh).  Please check their websites
or call them for additional information.
OMI Concrete Specialists, IN, 219.436.7498
Brett Admixtures, MN, 612.942.5470

George Muste

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Subject: polypropylene fibers

Has anyone used polypropylene fibers in addition to either steel fibers or
regular reinforcement to help reduce initial plastic shrickage cracks?

If so, what other manufacturer's are out there in addition to Fibermesh?


Scott Maxwell