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RE: polypropylene fibers

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I have seen enough real life, expensive to repair, wide cracking in concrete
slabs using polypropylene fibers in concrete to never use them again except
in rare high dose shotcrete applications.  We had this debate a while back,
and I am not anxious to revisit it.  These cracks were more drying shrinkage
cracks, but the plastic shrinkage cracking that I have seen also did not
benefit appreciably from polypropylene fibers.

There are many more effective mitigation means in the mix design and curing
to prevent plastic shrinkage cracks.

Steel fibers are different.  I like them if you can keep them from balling.

If you are still inclined to use polypropylene fibers, another manufacturer
is Grace

Harold Sprague

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> Subject:	polypropylene fibers
> Has anyone used polypropylene fibers in addition to either steel fibers or
> regular reinforcement to help reduce initial plastic shrickage cracks?
> If so, what other manufacturer's are out there in addition to Fibermesh?
> Thanks,
> Scott Maxwell