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heat resistant and durable concrete

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I am looking for information regarding concrete mixes
using Calcium aluminate cement.  I have a client that
wants to use if for a small repair in an elevated heat
area.  The local concrete suppliers do not stock it
and it is such a small area that we are planning on
having the contractor mix the concrete on site - less
than 10 yards total.  The work is to be done during
the fourth of July shutdown so I don't have much time
to do any research on a subject that I know nothing
about.  I have information on the cement itself
(Lumnite cement) but I wouldn't feel comfortable
coming up with a mix design without guidance from
someone with experience.  The mix must also be durable
- the existing floor that is being replaced is in very
poor shape from heavy loads being dropped on it. I
have looked over ACI 201.2 regarding durability. 
Someone suggested using wire fibers to increase
durability - does this work?  As always - thankyou in
advance for your insights.
Ken Peoples, P. E.
Lehigh Valley Technical Associates
Northampton, PA

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