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Re: Who wants to be a doctor?

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I wish I had read your original draft......emotions are good!!

I am in engineering because I love it.......I grew up around 
construction....didnt know exactly what I wanted to do after high I did a associates degree..then my 
BEng...working and studying at the same time was a great way to 
apply what you you learnt it....

As an immigrant.....I am here for the reason you stated(the same 
reason people immigrate to Australia).

However...I am a country that has developed so 
many new technologies, there is the reluctance, almost isolationist 
attitude toward adopting the metric system (global market) Limit 
state design of steel...etc...(sorry..couldnt resist myself for a 

I better get off my soap box before I get excommunicated from the 

Peter McCormack