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Re: Who wants to be a doctor?

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I would classify it more as a "can't teach an old dog new tricks"
mentality rather than isolationist.  <grin>  Or maybe, "if ain't broke,
don't fix it".

With a slightly more serious side, I think the reason that these items
(metric vs English units and Limit State vs Allowable Stress) don't change
here is that the construction industry here in the USA _IS_ isolated.  The
desire to be isolated may be there, but ultimately the construction
industry is more of a national industry than international industry.  That
is changing.  Someday soon the construction will be forced to join the
rest of the world with at least regards to metric, just as the auto
industry is primarily (all) metric.

Scott Maxwell

On Tue, 20 Jun 2000, Peter McCormack wrote:

> However...I am a country that has developed so 
> many new technologies, there is the reluctance, almost isolationist 
> attitude toward adopting the metric system (global market) Limit 
> state design of steel...etc...(sorry..couldnt resist myself for a 
> minute)