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Interesting structural note...

[Subject Prev][Subject Next][Thread Prev][Thread Next] I saw an interesting structural note on a set of drawings:

Lateral stability:
This building utilizes the gypsum wallboard for lateral stability. All interior wall faces are to be finished with a minimum of 5/8" thick...(A couple of sentences later in the note)...No blocking is required!

I thought it was morbidly humorous. One that engineer had  a note that a 3 story wood framed building's lateral stability was based on G.W.B.. Second the exclamation point in the "No blocking is required!" statement. Like they are used car sales people advertising they use the absolute minimum. The architect gave it to us as a sample structural framing, I am starting to wonder if the architect did it himself. Needless to say on the next occasion we speak to him will clarify that G.W.B. is an improper structural sheathing material.

A clear example of an engineer that needs to go back to school. :-)

Richard Lindenberg
-- Richard Lindenberg, rel(--nospam--at) on 06/20/2000 at 9:57:38 AM