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Re: base plates subject to uplift

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"Sherman, William" wrote:
> It seems that
> AISC should address these situations as well as the "simple compression"
> case.

Not meaning to be flippant, but is it the "role" of AISC to do our engineering for us, or simply to provide some design aids, in the
form of examples covering representative cases?

I mean, I know of a number of ways to handle shear at the baseplate. I can do that myself, and provide the details to boot. I can
decide if I want to use oversized holes or not. I can even determine uplift, considering the adequacy of anchor bolts and base plate
bending among other critical factors.

I may have missed your meaning--and if so, apologize--but I don't think it is AISC's job to show me every jot and tittle of what I
should do for a given design element.