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Re: Who wants to be a doctor?

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Finally someone had enough, bravo.

Myself, when I took steel as an undergrad at the Univ. of Colorado, we spent ½ the semester on bolts and welds.  When I took Timber design, we spent the majority of the semester on nails, bolts, and even split rings.  Now I will admit that my concrete class was poor and I did not take masonry and Seismic was not taught.  These things I learned over the years.

I started out of school working for a small engineering firm where most of the designs we did was residential.  And as anyone knows who works for or has worked for a small firm, you design everything, and you learn how to do so quickly.  I value that year of number crunching and feel I that for me, this was more beneficial than a Masters Degree.  Besides, Engineering is a never ending learning process.

As for employees, I would hire a c-student with a bachelors degree before I would hire a masters student.  Why, because a masters employee will become bored checking shop drawings or designing retaining walls and end of leaving where a bachelors employee is grateful for the experience.  I once ran a masters student out of here because he was a egotistical little brat and didn't seem to understand that I also have work to do.  I once handed him a UBC and told him to figure it out,  He response was, it is quicker to ask me.  And my response was. yeah but every 10 minutes.

And finally about hiring someone outside the US to do Engineering work because they are cheaper.  Well what do you think about Engineers like myself who work on designs outside the US.  Wasn't the firm who hired the "Russians" a software firm?  Wasn't there an individual named Adolph who preached the same thing.  Sounds like someone is a little insecure. 

Sorry about going to extremes, but I had to respond.

David A. Hall, SE, PE

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     I am truly amazed at the dialog on what an engineer should be. What does a 
Masters or Ph.D.. ............. This is a very user 
friendly computer.

Acie P. Chance     Engineer, Structural problem solver.