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RE: base plates subject to uplift

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Bill Polhemus wrote:

> Not meaning to be flippant, but is it the "role" of AISC to 
> do our engineering for us, or simply to provide some design 
> aids, in the form of examples covering representative cases?

The point of my question is that AISC has based its "Standard 
Practice" on ease of installation of anchor bolts but has not 
done much to address the difficulties it creates in design 
for transfer of shear forces. (It seems that historically the 
steel-to-concrete connection has not been as well developed in 
standard industry specs, or even in engineering education, 
since it is not entirely structural steel or structural 
concrete.) I don't expect AISC to do my engineering for me 
but I do expect AISC to look to ways to minimize design 
problems. Shear transfer thru column anchor bolts seems to 
me to be a common design problem. I guess I just "reacted" 
to the statement that the "usual application" is one in which 
the anchor bolts don't do much after installation of the 
column, which in my experience has not been strictly the case.