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RE: polypropylene fibers

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Harold had forwarded this information to me.  The article was a three part
series published in the April, May and June 1987 issues of Concrete
International.  If you don't have those issues, Harold told me that you
can call Kalman Floors (Ytterberg is/was the President of Kalman) and they
will be more than glad to send copies to you.  I called and they should be
in the mail on the way to me.  The number for Kalman is 800-525-7840.

Also, if you happened to ACI's slab on grade seminar, then you might have
their "Concrete Slabs on Grade" publication.  Turns out that the article
is in that publication.  Of course I remembered I had that publication
(and thought to look in it) AFTER I spend some time trying to get copies
of the article.

Hope this helps.

Scott Maxwell

On Wed, 21 Jun 2000, Roger Davis wrote:

> Which issue was of Concrete International was Robert Ytterberg's article
> "Shrinkage & Curling of
> Slabs on Grade" published in?
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> Scott,
> I tend to go to the people that put down more square feet of industrial
> crack free slab on grade than just about anyone in the country.  That is
> Kalman flooring.  Industrial flooring is their only business, and they do it
> well.  Request a copy of Robert Ytterberg's article "Shrinkage & Curling of
> Slabs on Grade" published in Concrete International.  They go ...