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RE: Snow Drift Loading.

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This may be possible if conditions are right. The trick is to build a new roof over the existing building which closely matches the slope of the roof on the new building. If there is any discontinuity in the planes of the new roof over the existing building and that of the roof over the new building it must be less than the height which will cause a drift to form or any drift that forms must not exceed the load capacity of the new roof over the existing building.

James Allen, P.E.
Homer, AK

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Subject:	Snow Drift Loading.

A project manager just came in and asked if I had ever heard of basically building a sloped roof on a lower building to eliminate the snow drift load.  He has a building which is to be built next to a shorter existing building, which was not designed for a snow drift load.  I have not heard of anything like this.  Has anyone done this or knows if this would work?