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Evaluation of salvaged steel joists

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I would like to thank  Phil Hodge, Jimmy C, Bill Polhemus and John Riley for
their comments and advice regarding the salvaged steel joists.

I have viewed the joists and found no id tags. Several of the joists exhibit
damage at the ends where the top chords have been severed with a cutting
torch, diagonal rods  have broken welds, and the top chords are bent. These
joists are being stored outside and on the ground.

I spoke with Don Murphy at the Steel Joist Institute and he was helpful. Don
had provided my client with a letter that was his best estimate of  the
type, but he was not able to verify with certainty that the 18H8 is what we

I talked with my client and he informs me that he has tried to work  with
two other engineers and that both of them would not use the joists. I  think
the handwriting is on the wall!

Thanks again to those who responded.

Bruce Pooley