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RE: 2000 IBC

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Along the same lines, is there an errata for ASCE 7-98 also?

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Subject: 2000 IBC


I've been away for a while due to back surgery, but have re-joined the

I am now working with a client who asked us to use the 2000 IBC, and I
have a question for those of you who are familiar with it.  Basically,
the section on estimation of building period (1617.4.2.1) appears to
have some equations misplaced or missing.  The first equation (Ta = .1N)
appears to belong lower on the page, where there is a missing equation.
I'm sure the first equation should be the typical period estimation (Ta
= Ct(hn)3/4).  Is there any errata for this code yet?

Thanks,  Mike

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