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RE: A992 welding - E70XX low hydrogen?

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Subject: A992 welding - E70XX low hydrogen?

I have been assuming that the welding electrodes for
the new A992 are to be the same as A572 Gr 50 - E70xx,
low hydrogen but haven't seen it in writing yet.  Can
someone confirm this?  This is probably a stupid
question but I will ask it anyway, when you weld an
A36 plate to an A992 beam, should the low hydrogen
electrodes be used?

I believe AWS D1.1 mandates low hydrogen electrodes for any material with a
specified yield of 50ksi or greater.  I would have to check and see if this
depends on the process as well, but I know this holds for SMAW.

You should also watch the notch toughness if it is important, because some
low hydrogen material may have poor notch toughness.

Bart Needham