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Re: Who wants to be a doctor?

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From: Bill Polhemus <bpolhem(--nospam--at)>
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Subject: Re: Who wants to be a doctor?
Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2000 07:00:58 -0500

My guess would be that this is so.

The reason is "biggest bang for the buck", i.e. a satisfactory blend of "quality" and "cost effectiveness".

I don't think you can necessarily fault the quality, just because the cost is lower. It's just that they've set up this little programming enclave in Bangalore, with genius coders sitting there all day long, minus the stock options the U.S. versions get, pounding out C++ with the best of 'em at an equivalent rate of about US$8 and hour.

Hard to beat that. What would YOU do, Fountain?

Fountain Conner wrote:
> That reminds me...
> Can anyone either confirm or squelch the rumour that a significant
> percentage of the work on our beloved RISA is being done outside of the
> U.S. of A.?
> If so, Bruce, is this *quality-driven*, or *dollar-driven*?

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