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FW: Snow Drift Loading.

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I've recently come across the same situation on one our projects in
Minnesota.  A building addition created a drift condition on an adjacent
lower roof and we had to deal with an extra 100 psf of snow.  Since the
lower structure could not be economically reinforced, we tossed around the
idea of a sloped roof to mitigate the drift.  Due to sliding snow concerns
at the low end of a sloped roof we arrived at a different solution.  A flat
structure was designed over the low roof and next to the higher building
that was just tall enough not to trigger a drift on the low roof.  It was
designed for the drift loads from the taller structure.  This satisfies the
code and also the physical reality of the situation.  Snow that is blown
around on the low roof, would not drift against the snow roof, because the
height was not great enough.  Snow blown off of the high roof would
accumulate on the drift roof.  You might have a different situation, but I
hope that this gives you some ideas.

Curt La Count
Jacobs Engineering
Portland, OR.

> Pat Ebner wrote:
> >
> > A project manager just came in and asked if I had ever heard of
basically building a sloped roof on a lower building to eliminate the snow
drift load.  He has a building which is to be built next to a shorter
existing building, which was not designed for a snow drift load.  I have not
heard of anything like this.  Has anyone done this or knows if this would