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RE: A992 welding - E70XX low hydrogen?

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Also note that AISC Seismic Provisions 1997 (modified by Supplement No. 1)
requires that:

"All welds used in primary members and connections in the Seismic Force
Resisting System shall be made with a filler metal that has a minimum
Charpy V-notch toughness of 20 ft-lbs at minus 20 degrees F, as determined
by AWS classification or manufacturer certification."

Thomas Hunt, S.E.
Duke/Fluor Daniel

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Subject:  RE: A992 welding - E70XX low hydrogen?

It's nice to see so many of my seminar students chiming in with the right
answer, and as usual, Harold has all the details. Good job, guys.

AWS D1.1:2000, Table 3.1 says use low-hydrogen SMAW if you want to stay
prequalified (and you do). And for A36 to A992, you match to the lower
strength, but if either steel requires low-hy (which A992 does), then you
must use low-hy. There isn't a low-hy E60 SMAW electrode.

Sorry it took so long to respond, but I spent the day in the Research
Council on Structural Connections annual meeting today (and will tomorrow,
also.) We should finalize the NEW Bolt Specification tomorrow, replacing
1994 versions. Watch the RCSC website,, for details
about when it will become available. It will probably go up there in .pdf
format for download, just like AISC's new Code of Standard Practice.

You see, I can go both ways (bolting and welding).

Bob Shaw

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Subject: RE: A992 welding - E70XX low hydrogen?

Subject: A992 welding - E70XX low hydrogen?

I have been assuming that the welding electrodes for
the new A992 are to be the same as A572 Gr 50 - E70xx,
low hydrogen but haven't seen it in writing yet.  Can
someone confirm this?  This is probably a stupid
question but I will ask it anyway, when you weld an
A36 plate to an A992 beam, should the low hydrogen
electrodes be used?

I believe AWS D1.1 mandates low hydrogen electrodes for any material with a
specified yield of 50ksi or greater.  I would have to check and see if this
depends on the process as well, but I know this holds for SMAW.

You should also watch the notch toughness if it is important, because some
low hydrogen material may have poor notch toughness.

Bart Needham