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RE: Na Near-Source Question

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The requirements for simplified analysis are intended for calculating the
base shear for the building as whole. Individual elements designed per other
code requirements do not get the benefits of simplified method provisions,
regardless of which method you use for calculating the base shear. In other
words, IMHO, for diaphragm anchorage Na= 1.5.

Ben Yousefi, SE
San Jose, CA

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	Subject:	Na Near-Source Question

	I am designing a building in Palmdale right on the San Andreas Fault
	Na=1.5. I am using simplified design base shear; building is a
	one-story CMU box (no irregularities) so I can use reduced Na=1.3
	(1630.2.3.2). So far so good.
	Now the question: Can I use Na=1.3 when designing out-of-plane CMU
wall and
	wall anchorage to flexible diaphragm per formula 32-2 (1632.2) or do
I have
	to go back to Na=1.5?