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Re: Steel Roof Deck Attachment Question

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Stan C.......(hisself)  :-)

    <<  There was supposed to be inspection of the construction (not of the
design) by an independent testing and inspection agency.  >>

Mea Culpa.  Poor phrasing and even worse sentence structure.

I have always been a strong advocate of contemporaneous inspections
particularly of welds and procedures.  Unfortunately most inspection budgets
severely limit the number and frequency of trips that an inspection agency
can make, therefore most inspections are done after a lot, or all, of the
faulty work is in place.  In this case you were forced to settle for an
alternate method of achieving the shear values you specified.  I'm sure that
the time spent and research involved were costly in and of itself, which
brings me to a point I would like to make.

Would not the industry be better served and the owner better valued if the
EOR made an occasional walk through at the job site?  I would think that
pride in his work and diligence in pursuing his profession would dictate
this rather than depend solely upon an independent agency.  I am sure that
you would have a better idea of the time frame between footing inspection
and roof deck installation than a testing lab would have.  Something is
amiss here in that inspection reports were not coming in at regular
intervals.  Thank goodness that the deficiencies were caught before anyone
signed off on certification, but there just must be a better way to avert
such costly mistakes.

Just my thoughts.

Jimmy  C.......(hisself)