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RE: HSS Sheartab Equation

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Yes, but the way it is written, as a part of the section for round HSS
design, leaves me to think there must be another expression for rectangular
HSS sections that is hidden someplace else in the book.

Roger Davis
SDS Architects, Inc
205 N. Dewey Street
Eau Claire, WI 54703

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That formula is correct.  It is a modifier that accounts for any axial
compressive stress in the tube wall at the location of the connection.  In
my edition of the HSS manual the definition for Qf is shown in section 8.2
just above the formula you refer to.

William Pulyer PE
Charlotte, NC

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> Subject: HSS Sheartab Equation
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> Does anyone know the history behind equation 8.2-2 in the HSS connections
> manual (See specs chapter).  There is a Qf term at the end of the equation
> for square HSS, however the only definition I can find for it is under the
> variable definition for equation 8.1-1.  Should that Qf term be there, or
> is there another definition for the equation?  Or might it be correct?
> Jake Watson, E.I.T.
> Salt Lake City, UT