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AEC-Residential listservice

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Subject: NEW! AEC-Residential Listservice from Dennis S. Wish, PE

AEC-Residential is a public listservice devoted to bringing professionals in
the building industry together on one list to discuss residential
construction. The topics are diverse covering wood design, code issues,
Conventional Construction methodology, latest and future direction of
building codes, form vs. function, construction quality issues and much
The AEC-Residential Listservice will be tightly integrated with the
Professional section of The Structuralist website located at Information, references and documents
referenced or offered by List members will be posted to The Structuralist
website for professionals to review and comment. This also includes
construction details, professional organization drafts and links to the most
comprehensive information on the Internet related to residential design and
These are free services promoting peer-to-peer discussion and help.
Subscribe to the AEC-Residential Listservice by:

1 Send an email in unformatted (plain) text to:

  If you wish to receive the List messages in Digest form (one email a day
with all of the daily messages combined) change the address to:

2 In the body of the message box type the word "subscribe" (leave off the
quotation marks. If you are a subscriber and wish to leave the List, send
the message with the word "unsubscribe" in the body of the message.

3. Do not place any additional text in the message and do not fill in the
subject box. Send the email.

Bill Polhemus was kind enough to create the aec-residential listservice for
The Structuralist. Bill has also started another Listservice for any
consultant starting a private practice. It is not limited to engineers and
offers some great discussions. You can join Bill's Marketing Listservice by
replacing the address in number 1 with:


As time goes on, we anticipate additional Listservices linked to The
Structuralist. Please check the Professional section of The Structuralist
website at often.