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Re:Lateral pressure on formwork

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Last time I made a mistake: the page number is from 267 to 277,not 11379.I found the index of the paper in EI. The author is "Myron Levitsky".  SU: Journal of the Engineering Mechanics Division, Proceedings of the ASCE. Vol.101,No.EM3,June,1975.


Gu Jianzhong 

Graduate student of Civil Engineering Dept.

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>Hi Gu


>I looked for this paper but was unable to access it from the ASCE databank.


>Can you please give me the author's name, and what type of article it was.  E.g

. journal paper, technical note, etc.   


>Please note my e-mail address is changed.


>Thank you


>Thor A Tandy P.Eng

>Victoria BC


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>  Tandy,

>  Thank for your help. 

>  I found a relative paper named "Form Pressure and Relaxation in Formwork". If

 it is useful for you, read it on page11379 in June 1979, Engineering Mechanics,


SCE. It solves the pressure with viscoelastic nethod and  is difficulty for appl


cation. Also its conclusion does not fit with my handy data. 

>  I am not familar with application of engineering. Even now I haven't direct k

nowledge of 'cold joint'. the effect of shrinkage in formwork may be not as impo


tant as that of creep because shrinkage (concrete is sealed) cannot lead to so m


ch releasing pressure. That is my idea.

>  Thanks again!


>  Gu Jianzhong 

>  raduate student of Civil Engineering Dept.

>  B9810091,Shanghai Jiao Tong Uinversity

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