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Re: Reinforced Concrete "PILASTER" Design

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When I design piers that are integral with a grade/foundation wall, I
treat it as a standard R/C column and use minimum steel per a column.
This is a typical occurance up here in the snow belt because exterior
footings are typically about 4 feet below grade, so a pier typically is
used to "get" the load down to the footing.  Since there is usually a
grade wall (for frost protection), this means that the pier becomes a

My question was going to there a spread footing (or some other
foundation system) supporting the pilaster?  If not, and the pilaster is
offset from the center of the wall, then the bigger issue might be torsion
in the grade beam.

I have someone that is much more familiar with ACI 318 that I will consult
about you question about pilasters, and get back with what I find out.

Scott Maxwell, PE, SE

On Tue, 27 Jun 2000, Teresa Dellies wrote:

> Thanks Nels, but we are looking at pilasters not corbels. They typically are at grade and are supported by piers or spread footings. They are always part of the foundation "wall or grade beam". Sorry if I wasn't clear...