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cored concrete beams

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I have a "situation" and am soliciting help from all of you helpful 
folks.  Several existing reinforced concrete beams were cored by 
electricians who mistook a deep concrete beam for a CMU wall. 
Unfortunately, all six of the cores were taken near the bottom of the 
beam at midspan. Three #10 bars were cored completely thru.

My proposed repair would be to either:

	a) expose enough rebar to splice with Bar-Splicer or welded 	
	splice, then use repair material to patch or

	b) use an external steel plate on each side of the beam using  
	thru bolts as needed to carry the stress.

This happened at several beams with different rebars cut but 
essentially the same results. The beams are either 16 or 28 inches 
wide and 41 inches deep. Currently, the existing beams are 
probably being partially supported by an existing CMU wall 
underneath it. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

Tony Diaz