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Re: Reinforced Concrete "PILASTER" Design

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1.  This calls for for a corbel design not a column. Also your grade beam
should be checked for torsion if the steel
column is heavily loaded.

2. According to the American Heritage Dictionary states, Pilaster comes from
the latin words pila or pillar(column)
 and aster (to blend). It is a column with a capital and a base,  set into a
wall  as an ornamental motiff.

Pilaster are also oversized lightly loaded columns with more architectural
than structural function. The ACI code
permits a minimum steel ratio of .005 for them, but minimum tie  and
reinforcement requirements  still applies.(eg  6 pcs longutindal bars for
spiral and 4 pcs for rectangular, etc.)

Alex C. Nacionales , C.E.