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Re: Reinforced Concrete "PILASTER" Design

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Thanks further improve my query....the pilasters would be 2 to 3 feet in the vertical direction. Typically they are also much larger in plan than needed structurally to transfer forces to the foundations (most likely constructiblity issues). 
Another specific question is: do the requirements pertaining to column tie spacing etc for seismic zones 3 & 4 apply to pilasters also? I assume that the absolute minimum reinforcing and ties that are required would be located within the minimum area of the pilaster that would be required for compression members per ACI not necessarily applied to the entire area of the pilaster (assuming an "oversized" pilaster where the size is not governed by structural requirements).
Should I provide seismic ties at all of the "verts" spaced further than six inches apart throughout the entire pilaster, or just within the "min. area"? Hope this makes sense.....I should have provided a sketch.....