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RE: cored concrete beams

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I agree with Paul.  With my limited knowledge of your particular
application, I think that carbon fiber reinforced polymers might be worth
considering for your repair.  I have just finished using this material for
reinforcement of an existing concrete slab and beam floor to accomodate
additional live loading.  It was quick and easy to install and was very
non-invasive when compared to adding steel beam reinforcing.

For more help, contact Karl Gillette (karl(--nospam--at) at Edge Structural
Composites at 501-233-8654.  You can also get more info from their website

William Pulyer PE
Charlotte, NC  

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> Tony,
> Look at Sika Carbodur Carbon strips by Sika Corp.  They are carbon fiber
> bar
> strips applied with adhesive to the underside of the beam.  Fire tested,
> easy to install, and the equivalent of three #10 bars would be easy.  They
> have been used on a few buildings, several bridges, and the Navy pier in
> San
> Diego area.  Fairly impressive technology.
> Paul Feather
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> > Hello, Teresa.  Yes, it is in a treatment plant but indoors, not
> > anywhere where corrosion could be a problem. It presently has a
> > steel framed roof system. I considered fiber-wrap but would like to
> > disturb the beams as little as possible. Figured that the beams
> > could be propped up while rehab was going on. Thanks.
> >
> > Tony
> >
> >