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Re: Joist Girder Connections to Tubes

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What is the title of the book by Vulcraft?  Is it still in print?


"Sprague, Harold O." wrote:

> Mike,
> This is a fairly common approach for the wind world, and a bit more risky in
> the high seismic world (not impossible, but more risky).  Vulcraft has done
> this many times.  They even have a book on the topic.
> The TS wall problem is solved by using a WT out of the AISC Manual or
> fabricating a WT out of plates.  That way you make the wall whatever
> thickness and length you need.  You should also check the side walls for
> local buckling.  I have had occasion where I reinforced all 4 walls of a
> column at the bottom chord connection point.
> There are many issues that require close coordination with the joist girder
> supplier.  They will require a bigger bottom chord and the first couple
> diagonals will increase.  They will also require bracing at the first bottom
> chord panel point.
> You may also want to require the erection bracing to remain until the
> roofing has been placed.  It is best to get as much gravity load in place
> prior to welding the bottom chord to the column.  That way the fixed end
> moments due to gravity load are limited to LL and lateral load only.
> Regards,
> Harold Sprague
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> > Hello
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> > I have a project where, due to the schedule, it is desired to use TS10 x
> > 10 x
> > 5/16 columns.  The problem is that I have joist girders that I am using
> > for
> > frame action and therefore will have a concentrated load at my "stabilizer
> > plate".  After performing the calc's for the tube from the black book
> > (Hollow
> > Structural Sections manual) the tube walls are not thick enough for my
> > concentrated load using a vertical plate (to get it to work would require
> > a 26"
> > plate).  Has anyone else ran into this problem?  What other methods are
> > there
> > for connecting the bottom chord?  Last, is there any concern for the joist
> > girder bottom chord for using an angle or plate horizontally instead of
> > vertically (I am going to call Vulcraft on this)?
> >
> > Mike
> >