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Re: cored concrete beams

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You can also check the Structural Composites S&P CFRP Laminates 200/2000,
with a modulus of elasticity same as that of steel, and 4 times the
strength. Available as strips or cut-in laminates. SCI also has a full line
of carbon fiber (CFRP) unidirectional sheets for strengthening, alkali
resistant glass fiber (GFRP) 0-90 woven sheets for seismic retrofit,
breathable urethane adhesives, epoxy adhesives and primers, and fire
resistant coatings.

Jim Korff, PE

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Subject: Re: cored concrete beams

> Tony,
> Look at Sika Carbodur Carbon strips by Sika Corp.  They are carbon fiber
> strips applied with adhesive to the underside of the beam.  Fire tested,
> easy to install, and the equivalent of three #10 bars would be easy.  They
> have been used on a few buildings, several bridges, and the Navy pier in
> Diego area.  Fairly impressive technology.
> Paul Feather
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> > Hello, Teresa.  Yes, it is in a treatment plant but indoors, not
> > anywhere where corrosion could be a problem. It presently has a
> > steel framed roof system. I considered fiber-wrap but would like to
> > disturb the beams as little as possible. Figured that the beams
> > could be propped up while rehab was going on. Thanks.
> >
> > Tony
> >
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