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Steel Connections

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Neil Glaser wrote:
Are you saying that a 2 bolt shear tab connection is good for 18.6 kips?
According to my experience, and based on AISC Table X-A (ASD), a 2 bolt
shear tab with 3/4" A325 bolts is only good for 8.2 kips.  Therefore the
connection only yields 40% of the table derived requirement for your
example.  Is that still close enough for you?  Bolt shear is not the only
failure mode that you should be checked when designing a connection.  It is
only one failure mode and is not the critical failure mechanism in this

You're right about that.  I was assuming a connection similar to an end
plate connection as depicted in Table IX, or a double angle connection as in
Table II.

John Riley
Riley Engineering
Blue Grass, Iowa