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Re: Fire Protection

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Thanks to all who responded.


Charles Espenlaub wrote:

> The Architect is responsible for determining required rating for
> assemblies, etc.  However, you also need to be involved.  Type II is
> non-combustible, so wood as a structural element is not allowed (I am
> not 100% sure about heavy timber though).  Eventhough the Architect
> chooses fire ratings, his choices will affect your design.  If you've
> masonry walls, you may need 2,3 or 4-hour rated block.  If this is the
> case, you need to call for this on the structural drawings, otherwise
> the contractor will probably miss it.  The higher the rating, the higher
> percent solid the block needs to be.  Also be ware; the average
> thickness requirements for a given rating vary for UL, SBC, and NCMA TEK
> notes.  UL is the most restrictive, and their requirements need to met
> if the Architect is using the cmu in an UL assembly.
> If you are using steel, most likely the architect will protect the steel
> with spray on fire proofing, or encasement in gypsum sheathing.  Here
> you need to know what UL assembly he is using, as they often require
> minimum sizes (read generally minimum weight per foot).  So even though
> you may only need a W8x10 for that little span, to meet the assembly
> requirements, you may have to use a W8x18, or larger.
> With concrete, the required fire rating will drive the minimum thickness
> or size of members, as well as the minimum cover to the reinforcing.
> The minimum thickness, size, and/or cover will depend not only on the
> rating required, but also on the type of aggregate used.
> It is best to get with the Architect early in the project, and see what
> requirements affect you.  At that point they are easy to design around.
> Later on it can cause you both problems (such as trying to fit the 10"
> concrete column where everyone had planed for an 8" column).
> Charles F. Espenlaub, III, P.E.
> Martin-Espenlaub Engineering
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> Subject: Fire Protection
> Hello,
> We have a building which is required to be Type II construction per the
> Standard
> Building Code.  This requires the structural members to have fire
> ratings from 2
> to 4 hours depending on the member. I have not done a building that
> requires
> Fire Protection at this level.   My questions are:
> Who's responsibility is the Fire Protection?  Ours, the Architect's or
> both of
> us.
> Are there any good references out there on this subject?
> I understand that there are prorated assemblies for fire rating.  Is
> this
> published by the Underwriter's Laboratory (UL)?
> Thanks,
> Mike