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Re: Expected Yield Strength of Steel?

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See section 6.2 of the seismic provisions for the definition of Expected
Yield Strength, Fye = Ry * Fy.  Basically, the specified minimum yield
strength, Fy, is multiplied by the Ry factor in recognition of the fact that
actual yield strengths are higher than the minimum, sometimes significantly
so.  Accounting for material overstrength is important for capacity-based
design of members and connections.  In your case, Ry is 1.1.  You can also
do testing to determine the value of Fye.

Jason Emoto

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Subject: Expected Yield Strength of Steel?


We are working on a steel building design, and the code (BOCA-99) has
directed us to use the AISC Seismic Provisions, Part 1 and 3.  However,
it looks like we're getting re-directed into something that looks like,
well, like LRFD.  Anyway, for the moment connection design we now need
to the "expected yield strength" of the steel.  We are specifying ASTM
A992 (Fy= 50 ksi).  Does anybody have the answer?  Is this supposed to
be case by case or can we just say we "expect" it to be around XXX Ksi?
Do we need to do something, and then verify it with mill test results?

Thanks for the help,  Mike

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