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Fwd: Ed Turner Case: Legal Victory!

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Attention  Engineers:

Submitted for your info

Spread the Word

Share this with your  colleagues

Bob  Johnson

PS  Where did YOU  -  your organization stand on this issue?
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The Engineering Community has won a major victory. Ed Turner has finally won 
his legal battle. He has been vindicated by a jury who simply saw the case 
for what it was: the ability of a Professional Engineer to exercise his 
professional judgment in protecting the Public's health and safety, namely  
the issue of  "responsible charge".
Now that we have this watershed decision, I hope it will embolden the 
leadership of our various Engineering Societies to take more aggressive 
actions in defense of the Engineering Profession. The Engineering Profession 
has finally won a major legal victory. Maybe some of our colleagues may make 
light of this momentous event, but in my opinion we have accomplished what 
many people thought was impossible. This battle has taught us that if we 
persist and stay the course and get support from the Engineering Community, 
we will ultimately prevail. Let us relish the moment. 

Please, share this good news with your colleagues. We will be publicizing 
this victory in the media and other venues.

NSPE-Queens Chapter

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