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RE: Metal Deck Welding

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The SDI covers attachment of deck and calls the welds "puddle welds".  The
AWS D1.3 Sheet Steel covers welds of sheet steel and the AWS prefers "arc
spot welds".  

There is nothing to preclude the use of E60 electrodes of which I am aware.
The SDI testing and the ICBO Research reports all allow either E60 or E70
electrodes.  I would avoid the E70 electrodes due to the fact that the
required amperage is higher resulting in an increased tendency for high
amperage blow holes.  The majority of the E70 electrodes used in the field
will be multiposition which generally requires a higher amperage.  The rod
burn off rate should be between 0.15 and 0.25 inches per second.  

I've tried this weld in my wonder years with E70 electrodes and blew a hole
big enough to require fall protection.  After the laughter of my iron
working colleagues allowed me to continue, I switched to the E60 rod, backed
off the amperage, and with a quick wrist action made a good arc spot weld.
Not good enough to make up for my safety violations, but it was a pretty
good weld.

Harold Sprague

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> Can I use E60 22 for metal deck welding to A992? I dont think it is a
> filler match.