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Re: Steel Seminar

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AISC offers a 1/2 day seminar call "Lateral Framing Systems East of the
Rockies".  While it is not a seminar that specifically covers just the
seismic provisions, it does cover meaterial that is governed by the
seismic provisions.  Thus, it will cover the provisions as it applies to
normal ductility framing systems (braced bays and moment frames) and high
ductility systems (braced bays and moments frames).  I don't think that
the seminar meant to be all inclusive, but more to give a good overview
and introduction (i.e. key things to think about).

The semianr is going to be offered in (starting in early Sept.):
Grand Rapids
St. Louis
Kansas City
Rochester, NY
Albany, NY
Meriden, CT
Washington, DC
Edison, NJ
New York

You should be able to contact AISC for more information.

Hope that helps.

Scott Maxwell, PE, SE

On Wed, 28 Jun 2000, Ritter, Mike wrote:

> Friends,
> Along the same lines of my last post...does anybody know of an AISC
> seminar or lecture series on the publication "Seismic Provisions for
> Structural Steel Buildings"?
> Thanks,  Mike
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